Healing the city with magic, mystery and celebration since 1999

2015 Annual Intent

We believe in the possibility of manifesting a just world that holds all life sacred. We believe we can support and nourish our beloved communities. We dedicate ourselves to the creation of magick, mystery, and celebration through ritual. We know this work can transform us.

Connect DC Beltane | Mayday

May 3, 2015

Gather at 11:30 am, Ritual at Noon

Ritual Intent: Nourishing the diverse ecosystems of our beloved communities

Two Rivers Sanctuary
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What is Connect DC

Connect DC is a Wiccan based public ritual group that seeks to heal and transform the city of Washington DC through magic, mystery and celebration.

Our rituals are always free and open to the public.

We have been celebrating magic in public spaces since 1999. Our motto, “Stop, drop, and do ritual”, sums up our philosophy in seeking public and accessible areas to do magic.

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